Flaunt Your Natural Curls with an Eco-Friendly Curling Comb

The Tame Your Nest curling tool relies on an eco-friendly, closed-loop production process. Our curling comb is crafted with recycled plastic bottles collected from salons all over Australia.

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How We Brought Tame Your Nest To Life

Tame Your Nest promotes sustainable practices. Our products are crafted from recyclable plastic bottles, which undergo a safe and eco-friendly process.

First, the recyclable materials are sorted by colour, and their non-recyclable components (such as specific bottle caps and labels) are removed and forwarded to the appropriate recycling department. 

Next, the bottles are cut into small pieces and cleaned to remove all residues and debris. Then, they are shredded and converted into raw plastic that is transferred to an injection moulder.

At this stage, the plastic material is melted and placed in moulds. Once the moulds are cooled down, our Tame Your Nest comb is ready for use!

We partnered with two amazing Australian businesses to bring our curly tool to life. Sustainable Salons helps to collect used salon plastics, and Defy Design undertakes the recycling and manufacturing process.

Prioritising Sustainable Practices

One of the primary objectives of Tame Your Nest is to introduce an environmentally-friendly approach to creating the ultimate comb for curly hair. Over 550 million shampoo bottles each year end up in landfill, where they slowly break down over hundreds of years. These microplastics seep into the soil and groundwater, causing unhealthy living conditions in all kinds of ecosystems. This drastically impacts the ocean, and the local waterways, risking marine life, pets, and even human beings.

The production of new materials also heavily contributes to releasing greenhouse gases, including methane and ethylene, which play a significant role in exacerbating climate change.

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