Our Tool Is Unlike Any Other

Forget heat, forget big bulky appliances, and forget hair damage.

Our Tame Your Nest tool allows you to create consistent curls anytime, anywhere.

Learn How To Use Your Tame Your Nest Tool

How To Use:

1. Starting with damp hair, apply your favourite curl holding product to maintain your curl definition.

2. Use the pointed handle of the tool to section the hair.

3. Insert the unique circular comb head of the Tame Your Nest tool at the scalp and rotate to collect the curl strands. 

4. Gently pull the Tame Your Nest tool away from the head while rotating the tool to finish the curl.

5. You may like to just curl specific sections of your hair, or work your way around your whole head to create consistent curls.

6. Finish off by drying your hair naturally or use a diffusing hair dryer. 

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