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We created a unique, recycled plastic tool for anyone who needs a little help taming their nest!

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Create Consistent Curls With Colour!

We've just released new coloured Tame Your Nest tools in the seven Chakra colours. Choose your favourite to suit your style and personality.

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Tame your Nest is a heat-free, portable, curling tool made sustainably in Australia from recycled hairdressing plastics.

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Discover how to make your own consistent curls with our easy, heatless tool!

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Your first step to feeling in control of your curly hair!

Hairdressers, curly girls and curly boys! Get your hands on our 100% recycled plastic curl tamer from Tame Your Nest.

About Tame Your Nest

Tame Your Nest is 100% Australian Designed, Made and Owned!

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When curls are left untreated and untamed, we often find our hair is an unruly nest of inconsistent ringlets, drab curls and frizz. Use our curly comb to tame your nest and create a consistent head of luscious locks.

We know what it takes! Tame Your Nest is made for people with curly hair, by curly hair experts.